About LINMEN membership

LINMEN membership is free and open to organisations and individuals who work in nursing and midwifery education and are committed to achieving health equity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

LINMEN membership includes:

  • Access to the LINMEN resource hub on cultural safety and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, history and culture
  • A personalised member profile and access to other member profiles to facilitate collaboration amongst members
  • Regular emails about upcoming events and other LINMEN activities.
  • Discounted rates to LINMEN events and professional development opportunities.

Although membership is currently free, there are expectations about how you or your organisation can support LINMEN. These expectations are outlined in the statement of commitment included below and in the membership form.

Statement of commitment

The statement of commitment outlines how you can support LINMEN and demonstrate commitment to its goals. It is included in both the organisational and individual membership forms

I/our organisation understand the following:

  • I/we may be approached by CATSINaM to help host professional development events that LINMEN organises and promotes. If I/we agree, I/we will gain a complimentary place in the event, and have priority access to book further places for my colleagues/our staff at the event.
  • I/we may be approached by CATSINaM to present at or help facilitate professional development events that LINMEN organises and promotes in either a formal or informal capacity.
  • I/we understand there may be a fee to attend professional development events that LINMEN organises and promotes. As a member, I am/ we are entitled to a discount on this fee. The discounted fees will be determined and advertised for each event.
  • In order to contribute to the LINMEN goal, I am/we are willing to share intellectual property on: 1) curriculum content and associated resources, 2) curriculum delivery strategies and guidelines, and 3) strategies for creating culturally safe learning and teaching environments. I/we understand I/we will be formally acknowledged for anything I/we share.
  • I/we will promote LINMEN and its work to other people and organisations involved in nursing and midwifery, and encourage them to become members.
  • I/we understand that LINMEN encourages members hold events in association with LINMEN that support its goals and provide learning opportunities for colleagues – any events I am/we are involved in holding can be open to participants beyond my region and jurisdiction.